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Beautiful High Quality Premium Bamboo Curved Spatula

Best for traditional as well modern cookware

Design: Bamboo spoons are composed and polished well. Its smooth finish and attractive appearance will decorate your kitchen. NO DENTS NO SPLINTERS.

Height: 30 cm. Weight: 30 g (Avg. Weight) Color: Sandal yellow Material: Eco-forest Premium Solid Bamboo.

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Why Bamboo? If you have bamboo products in the kitchen, you may wonder about its protection. Bamboo is not an ordinary wood! A)Eco-Friendly B)Bamboo is Heat, Stain, and Water-resistant material. C) Bamboo is Safe with Ceramic, Teflon, Anodized Aluminium, enameled cast iron, seasoned cookware, and Stainless steel Cooking Surfaces.

Dimensions 30 × 6 × 3 cm

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