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Beautiful High Quality Premium Bamboo Standard Slotted Spatula

Best for traditional as well modern cookware

Design: Bamboo spoons are composed and polished well. Its smooth finish and attractive appearance will decorate your kitchen. NO DENTS NO SPLINTERS.

Height: 30 cm. Weight: 30g (Avg. Weight) Color: Sandal yellow Material: Eco-forest Premium Solid Bamboo.

Disclaimer: Do not put in the dishwasher, microwave or refrigerator because extreme changes in temperature will cause the material to crack over time. Wash by mild soap and mild water, do not soak, dry thoroughly. Easy to clean, Easy to store, Durable and Long Lasting.

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Why Bamboo? If you have bamboo products in the kitchen, you may wonder about its protection. Bamboo is not an ordinary wood! A)Eco-Friendly B)Bamboo is Heat, Stain, and Water-resistant material. C) Bamboo is Safe with Ceramic, Teflon, Anodized Aluminium, enameled cast iron, seasoned cookware, and Stainless steel Cooking Surfaces.

Dimensions 30 × 6 × 2 cm

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